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Paul Marleyn CELLO
John Lenehan PIANO

Various works for cello and piano by Bloch, Bruch, Schedrin, Stutschewsky, and Bernstein


  1. Kol Nidrei, for cello & orchestra, Op. 47 – Max Bruch
  2. Sonata for cello & piano (unpublished juvenilia) – Ernest Bloch
  3. Kinah (Complainte), for cello & piano – Joachim Stutschewsky
  4. Donna, Donna – Jewish Traditional
  5. Avraml – Jewish Traditional
  6. 2 Meditations, from ‘Mass’: i – Leonard Bernstein
  7. 2 Meditations, from ‘Mass’: ii – Leonard Bernstein
  8. From Jewish Life: Prayer – Ernest Bloch
  9. From Jewish Life: Supplication – Ernest Bloch
  10. From Jewish Life: Jewish Song – Ernest Bloch
  11. Méditation Hebraïque – Ernest Bloch
  12. Cardi – Rodion Schedrin
  13. Chanukah Oy Chanukah – Traditional
  14. Nigun (improvisation) from Baal Shem (3 pictures of Chassidic Life) – Ernest Bloch


“Inventive programming, passionate playing, compelling listening”

Jessica Duchan, Classic fm Magazine, March 2004

“A winning idea … the partnership of Marleyn and Lenehan is sympathetic and perfectly balanced. The recording in Bristol is impeccable, and presentation is to Signum’s invariably high standard. Why has it waited eight years for release?”

Peter Grahame Woolf, Musical Pointers and Classical Net

“…committed and expressive performances. Throughout this CD Marleyn shows his true colors as a fine cellist with both an astute command of style and formidable technique. His artistry deserves much wider dissemination.”

Joanne Talbot, Strad Magazine, May 2004

“The programme opens with Max Bruch’s Kol Nidrei…which Marleyn takes up with passionate soliloquy…..(in Bloch’s Nigun) Marleyn’s cello sings the fervent melodic line with deep lyrical feeling……Throughout the playing of both artists is totally idiomatic….a most rewarding concert.”

Ivan March, Gramophone, June 2004

“Marleyn presents strongly characterized and highly expressive performances of all the works….an excellent recording, this release deserves an enthusiastic recommendation.”

Erik Levi, BBC Music Magazine, May 2004